This Week.. going to be a long one.

Metaphorically, not temporally. Am heading back to Ipoh (home) tomorrow morning and will be there till Friday. It’s my dad’s 2 year lunar death anniversary this Thursday. It’s bad enough that I’ve got to prance about shirtless for 2 hours as part of proceedings, this year’s highlights will also include –

1) The absence of my brother – But he was an absolute darling and chose to come by for my Convocation instead. So so sweet of him to have actually made the trip all the way down for me. The birthday present will make up for the effort (i hope :P). So that means I’ve got no one to whine to on Thursday.

2) My mother’s foot – Her fracture hasn’t healed (the one she got herself in March), thus she can’t move about very much (not because the fracture itself is causing acute pain, but because she got it operated on 2 weeks ago and she’s been advised to not put weight on her foot). That means a more involved role on my part, and also lots more fetching.

I’m sorry I’m whining. I know I’m coming off as extremely thorny, but here’s a corny explanation – it’s just to mask how difficult it actually is to come to terms with the irony (ironIES) that I’ve got to deal with these next few days. I’m trying to get it off my chest by being funny about it (dark humour. ha ha.)

I can’t believe it’s been two years. Things have just been so crazy ever since. I do miss him, so much. I can do this, I know i can.


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