creeping in

Looking at pictures of friends in foreign countries on Facebook.

Chatting with colleagues from clinical school over coffee.

The surfeit of stuff where I stay. Stuff that i can’t bring myself to use just yet because they’re meant for use at a later time, in another place.

I commented to a friend the other day that i’ve been making arrangements for my departure without really ‘feeling’ the entire process. The tasks seem no different from running errands, although they have consequences which are a little more..lasting in nature. It’s slowly but surely dawning upon me – i’m leaving.

It’s odd -how much i’ve always wanted an exit. I couldn’t wait to leave home at the end of high school and before college. I was adamant on leaving the country right after A levels, but had to stay behind instead. I was told to be patient for a couple more years after which i could leave and I’m glad i’ve been around these past 3 years, i’d have missed so much if i was away. Expereriences in Phase 1 were life changing, in so many ways.

Which leaves me with this one last step to take – leaving for Edinburgh. It’s a little less than 4 months away (it seemed like i had 8 months to kill only yesterday), yet on days like this it feels like i’m leaving tomorrow.

I’m excited, i’m sad, i’m pensive, i’m so many things at once. I’m leaving and I think I finally get it.


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