I was heading out for a bit earlier when the man who runs the grocery shop downstairs came by and waited for the lift with me. He asked me where I was heading to and pointed out that it was still raining outside, and that I should have an umbrella with me.

‘You shouldn’t be heading out in this weather without an umbrella. You’ll get wet in the rain and fall sick and you don’t want that happening when your mum or dad aren’t anywhere nearby to take care of you’, he said in tamil.

I smiled, thanked him for the concern and assured him that I wouldn’t head out in this weather without an umbrella. I walked back to my place to get one and just decided to stay in. Maybe it was the rain, maybe it was what he said about not having my parents around to take care of me. That statement touched a nerve somehow.

But it’s stopped raining now, outside at least.


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