Picking up the Pace

April is here.


I head out in the mornings, I run around university quite a bit all day, I use my head but not much of my hands (when I do it’s in the CSU, not the labs, not yet) and I come home at the end of the working day feeling pretty knackered and hankering for some sleep. Work hasn’t gotten into full swing but the pace is definitely picking up. We’re going to have to rush quite a bit. If only we knew more of what we were doing 😛


We sent Jackie off on Monday night. I get more and more affected with every send off. A mixed bag of emotions at the airport everytime – I’m thankful for all the familiar faces that are around me and the memories we’ve made together and I fear for the time when I will have walk through those gates myself. 5 more months.


Errands to run. Calls to make. Mice to get to know better. Gotta dash.


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