An End to Inactivity

It’s so nice to be able to see so many familiar faces, what with the BMed people getting back to Bukit Jalil to start work. Reading about how the rest are getting on overseas is great as well.  Keep blogging people. Will be great to be able to see those who are Seremban-bound once they get here to finish moving in and start lessons. I’ve missed/dearly miss you guys.


I haven’t been blogging as often as I’d like to have been. Who am I kidding – I’ve only written one other post this past month – the one about how I’m going to blog more often nowadays. I’m not too great when it comes to walking the talk I guess (somehow I feel this extends beyond blogging alone, but that’s a demon I’ll grapple with alone, thanks)


Work is finally underway. I’m hoping that with the Lab Orientation tomorrow we’ll be able to feel more ‘into it’ when it comes to the Project and we’ll have more things to do here.

And just as we get some air I’m off to India for two weeks – my cousin is getting married. It’s a big deal because he’s the first of my generation on that side of the family to tie the knot. Let the week long festivities begin! The twist to the story will definitely be accompanying and taking care of my mother-with-a-broken-foot for the two weeks that we’re there, which includes a latter portion of about 5 days of pilgrimage-ing.

Wish me luck. I hope I make it back in one piece.


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